"A mysterious material that emits the most powerful earthly light known to man. Illuminates a massive amount of your base at nighttime."


The Worldly Illuminator is currently the fourth highest costing decoration available, costing $35.3Qn when bought in the shop, only behind Aman The SurvivorNeon Tree and Dr Berza Machine. Due to its massive lighting radius, you should need no other light source if you have some Worldly Illuminators. Although, the Octo Flood Light and the Icosahedron Flood Light are more effective light sources.


  • The Worldly Illuminator's light radius is the same as the True Overlord Device's powerful blue glow.
  • It's one of the first few items to have particle effects in the game.
  • In the actual game the item's name is misspelled ( Worldy instead of Worldly.