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What is Miner's Haven?
Miner's Haven is a Roblox sandbox tycoon game created by Berezaa Games, released publicly on June 12, 2015.

In this game, you use a variety of droppers, upgraders, and furnaces to make the most money possible! You can also purchase items from the in-game shop to decorate and enhance your base. New features and community-created items are constantly being added, and seasonal events are a staple to the experience.

If you want to experience the game yourself, you can do so by clicking here. Have fun!

New to Miner's Haven?
You're in luck, because you have come to the right place!

This wiki contains in-depth information on every item in the game, as well as fleshed-out changelogs for updates! If you have any more questions, you're welcome to check out our forums as well as our official Discord server.

Notable Points of Interest:




Cash Suffixes


The Masked Man


Daily Gifts


Mystery Boxes


Research Crates



The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice









Also, if you're a first-time player, try out some community-made cash-making strategies here!

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BLOXY Award Stats

  • Community Excellence Award (2016 Winner)
  • Game of the Year (2016 Nominee)
  • Best GUI (2016 Nominee)
  • Most Time Playing (2016 Nominee)
  • Most Time Playing (2016 Nominee)
  • Favorite Breakout Game (2016 Nominee)

Miner's Haven (as of 6 December, 2019) has been:

  • 🎮 Played 139,000,000 times
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Recent Activity

Miner's Haven Trailer

Miner's Haven Quick Tutorial-0

Miner's Haven Quick Tutorial-0

News and Announcements
The assets for Miner's Haven is now open source! Learn more here. Also, documentation of Miner's Haven's Assets will be on the Open Source Game Assets page, any contributions to the page, like how items like Schrodingers or Gate of Eclipse Work (according to MH's code), would be very appreciated!

The Advent Calendar is up and running! Redeem prizes by logging in on all 25 days in order to receive rewards, such as uC, clovers, boxes, or exclusive items!

With fresh faces comes fresh content! OutOfOrderFoxy and TalonMidnight are now leading the future of Miner's Haven, with Berezaa still involved in the development process.


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