"A secret device that designates the unmistakablede god of this world. Doesn't stack with original Overlord Device."


The True Overlord Device is a remake of the Overlord Device. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and on his website. It is obtained by Rebirthing with $1 Trestrigintillion (tsTG) or more, an amount of money currently almost impossible to achieve without a Morning Star, a Neutron Star, or a Catalyzed Star. It multiplies ore value by x100 once, and can multiply and additional twice with a Tesla Resetter or a Tesla Refuter, making ore value x10k their value. If you have The Ultimate Sacrifice or The Final Upgrader, you can use that along with the True Overlord Device for a whopping x1,000,000!  

On obtaining this item, everyone who is online playing Miner's Haven will be alerted '[PlayerName] obtained the TRUE Overlord Device!!' in a purple colored text below the rebirth notice, as well as the player who obtained the True Overlord Device will be awarded a [LORD] prefix in chat. However, this is currently broken, and only the item itself is awarded. You can also only receive this item once a day, meaning that you can no longer get insane amounts in a short amount of time. This limit was added in the 100m visit update. 

If you put a True Overlord Device in front of the original Overlord Device, it will not upgrade the ore and vice versa. 


  • Despite the image showing that the upgrader covers the entire conveyor, it is actually a fine-point upgrader.
  • Both this item and the Overlord Device, while only upgrading once, will add 20 upgrade counters to any ore upgraded.
  • The True Overlord Device has the thickest fine-point in the game along with the Fine-Point Upgrader, which is why players don't get concerned with ores touching it or not. Freon-Blast Upgrader and Clockwork have skinnier fine points.
  • The word unmistakable is misspelled unmistakablede in the game's description. 
  • The True Overlord Device emits a blue light the same radius as the Worldly Illuminator. Some would argue that the color is too intense, as it's easily visible in daylight as well as night time.
  • The True Overlord Device, the Overlord Device, the Ultimate Sacrifice, the The Final Upgrader, and Tropical Breeze are currently the only Ultimate tier items in the game.
  • On Berezaa's website it said that this is a Divine tier item, even though the tier is Ultimate.
  • Ores on the right has a chance to hit the control panel next to the True Overlord's conveyor, making the ores go in the centre of the conveyor. This is useful when having fine point upgraders after True Overlord such as Clockwork or Quantum Clockwork.
  • Berezaa added this upgrader as a challenge. The original Overlord Device was received by users within hours of release. The money limit then was broken by several players.
    • In the update that this item was added, other new items were added for players to try to obtain the new item; most notably the Morning Star.
  • As of 4/26/2018, True Overlord Device can only be obtained once per day.
Note: If you are wondering if you have enough money to earn this item, refer to the Cash Suffixes article page.