"A conveyor which opens and closes to allow or block ore within a set time interval."


The Timed Ore Gate is a conveyor added in the 2017 Summer Update. Timed Ore Gate works just like the Ore Gate but has a timer on the side which can be changed the the up and down buttons. This timer determines how many seconds the flap on the conveyor stays down. It can be changed from 2 to 120 seconds (2 minutes) but comes up for around two seconds which cannot be changed.

Upon placement, the Timed Ore Gate will open and close every 1 second instead of the 3 seconds its initial placement state says. This is useful for players that want an automatic gate for their setup especially for items with a cooldown like Eternal Journey.


  • The Tix from the Ore Tixicator can go under the bar of the Timed Ore Gate.
  • This initially had the thumbnail of the Ion Field, another new item in Part 1 of the Summer 2017 update.
  • Because of its ability to group up ores together, it would be a good idea to use this item alongside a Rush Upgrader. An Ore Gate can also be used instead if one wishes to manually open and close the gate.
  • This item is arguably good to use Ore Illuminator, assuming that the flap is closed by the time the ore reaches it.