"The SpookDemon uses engineered evil to forcefully trap spirits to its owner's advantage when powered. Halloween 2018 Exotic."


The Spookdemon-66,666 is an Exotic-tier mine. It was part of the 2018 Halloween Event, released on October 29th, 2018.

The Spookdemon-66,666's ore worth is determined by the amount of Inferno Boxes and Pumpkin Boxes the base owner has. This seemingly has no cap, as ores could even be worth $85qD. The ratio seems to be for every inferno/pumpkin box the player owns, the ore's value is increased by 2 times the original value.

The Spookdemon-66,666 also has a similar effect to its older relative, the Spooklord-95,000. The upgrader seems to come in the form of a ghost that doubles ore value and stacks up to five times. If a coal ore collides with the SpookDemon, it will transform into a ghost up to five times.

The orevalue of this mine is unknown, but it is based on your life and your amount of inferno and pumpkin boxes.


  • In the front of the mine, you can walk through the hole.
  • There is a ghost inside of the mine if you look closely.
  • The mine produces more money based on the amount of inferno boxes you own.
  • This mine is very identical to it's older brother, the Spooklord-95,000.
  • Creator’s note: “This wasn’t meant to become the final version of this item. Foxy and I were coming up with new ways to improve the item so it could pop out and give it a more scary appearance. However, version 2 was declined and berezaa settles for this instead. A little warning for you future Miner’s Haven creators; don’t make a version 2 of an already confirmed item.”
  • The SpookDemon-66,666 is the fourth item in the line of "spook" mines following 2015's Spookmaster-5000, 2016's SpookLord-95,000 and 2017's Nightmare.
  • The 6s in the item name references the number 666, also known as the "number of the devil".
  • Pumpkin boxes can be used to power this mine for much more than an inferno box however, it is unknown by how much exactly.
  • It was first believed that the ghost inside the mine upgraded the ore, but those upgrades were actually from the Ore Cannon itself which had been buffed to multiply ore by 1.5x each fives times.
  • The ghost in the middle can be seen to have a solid hitbox if you try using Iron Mine-Chan aligned with the ghost.
  • As of 12/21/2018, the mine is currently broken. It does not work with any furnace except The Sunken Past, which will process the ore as a negative ore value.