"A conveyor which seperates small and large ore into two separate lanes."


The Separation Conveyor is an Uncommon-tier conveyor designed to separate ore based on their size. It was released in The Ultimate Sacrifice but was first seen on one of Berezaa's Twitch Streams in January 2017 and seen once more on March 3rd 2017 in his image inventory. The way that the Separation Conveyor works is that two railings are attached on top of the conveyor where only ores as small as 1.5x1.5x1.5 units can pass through them.

If big ores try to pass the railings, they will instead lean against them as they go through the conveyor. This conveyor does not have any special programming and it's walled. This would not be a widely used item as it's only actually useful to players who have small and large ores in one setup which is extremely rare.


  • 1x1x1 ores can get stuck if they were inserted in the middle of the conveyor, and get stuck on the railing.