"A secure gate that allows you and any of your ROBLOX friends to enter. Completely and utterly incapicates any intruders that try to enter but does not kill them."


The Security Gate is a Uncommon-tier decoration/defensive item that costs $760k in the shop. When a player that is not in your friends list touches the gate, they will lose both their arms and their legs, will have very low HP, and be left with very slow speed.

They cannot use weapons during this time, and will remain that way until resetting or they die/are killed. After being incapacitated, they can then go through the gate but are reduced to a sitting duck.


  • Players can bypass the security gate by jumping on a high enough object that allows them to jump over it.
  • There is a spelling error in the description. "Incapacitates" is misspelled as "Incapicates".