"Satellites are surprisingly cheap. Position your ore just right and a satellite will take care of the rest."


The Satellite Beam is a Super Rare-tier, fine-point, raised, and conveyor corner upgrader that upgrades ore with different effects depending on the value of ore. Ore under $1M are loop-upgraded by 2x their value then adding $1k. Once they reach above $1M value, their value is tripled. This makes this item useful at all parts of the game, whether you are a novice or a master.


  • The Satellite Beam is the first item to have a raised-ier corner.
  • The Satellite Beam is also the first raised fine point upgrader in Miner's Haven
  • This upgrader seems to have similar effects as the Beehive, since it triples the ore value and they are both set on raised-ier conveyors.
  • If ore is put in so the upgrader faces away from the raised-ier conveyor, it can act a a corner piece
  • The Satellite Beam is no longer obtainable in the shop, you may obtain it by opening Research Crates.
  • This isn't necessarily true though, you can save your setup that has A Research Crate item. Once you saved it, it will be able to be in shop for your setup.