"A godly infuser that grants immunity to exploding zombies and gives a massive speed, jump and health boost." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"Grants complete immunity to Explosive Infuser enemies. Higher chance to survive Zwambies, +30 Health and +4 Speed." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Righteous Will is a Reborn-tier infuser that infuses the player with a wide variety of effects, including a higher chance to survive Zwambies, +30 maximum health and +12 walk speed upon touch. Like most infusers, players can only be infused once until they die.

When berezaa released the Executive Infuser and Lucky Infuser in December 2015, it seemed like the Righteous Will was inferior but still had higher walkspeed than both infusers.

In the 2017 Easter Update, Righteous Will was buffed to have a jump height buff and speed buff superior to the Infinite Infuser, making it the most powerful infuser again with the immunity to Zwambies, as the Righteous Will previously had a lesser walkspeed increase than it.


  • Before the Righteous Will was released, it was announced to be included in the Secret Update, however, a user named UndeniableLimited (now known as General_Scripter) found a glitch and through it the stats for the item.
  • The infuser was once inferred to be a mixture of all other infusers (minus the Haunted Infuser, and adding all the effects of the others). However, with the glitch mentioned above, this rumor was debunked.
  • The's infuser's ability to give players immunity to the Explosive Infuser is not effective anymore as berezaa removed the Explosive Infuser in March 2016.
  • It used to not be mentioned anywhere in the description, but this infuser actually did increase jump height.
  • The description used to be wrong, reading "+4 speed", but it actually gave you +8 speed.
  • Many people think that this item is not meant to be a reborn, but berezaa has his reasons why it is.
  • When Zwambies are infused, they become immune to their own explosion.
  • It provides immunity to more explosions than listed, such as Rebirth explosions.
  • This Infuser is now the runner-up for the best infuser only beaten out by the Executive Infuser as of the 4/3/18 patch.