"A rapidly color-changing upgrader that upgrades ore from 5 to 100% depends on the color of the upgrader. Doesn't upgrade ore worth more than $100M."


The Rainbow Upgrader is a Premium-tier upgrader. It randomly changes the amount it upgrades ore by based on its color when the ore passes through the upgrader. Unfortunately, this upgrader only goes to a maximum of $100M, so players don't use it much in end-game setups, especially in high-life setups.


  • It has a similar design to the Large Ore Upgrader.
  • This was first released with the "Rainbow" gamepass that provided three of this item with two Industrial Rainbow Mines.
  • The upgrader beam goes through the same color cycle as the lights on the front.
  • This has the same upgrade cap as the Digital Ore Cleaner, and has a faster conveyor.