"An advanced upgrader that rapidly upgrades ore. Ore that is too large is set on fire." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"An advanced upgrader that increases the value of ore by 40% up to $500,000. Any ore that is larger than 1.3x1.3x1.3 is set on fire when it passes through. Ignited ore is destroyed in 3 seconds if not processed or put out." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Precision Refiner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader. Ores bigger than 1.3 cubic studs are lit on fire. Most players don't use it due to it being a little less expensive than Way-Up-High Upgrader and it sets ore on fire if they are too large. Massive Mines and Excavator Mines do not work well with this upgrader because of their ore sizes.

The effect cap was changed from 500K to 100M and the upgrade effect was changed to from 1.4x to 1.4x-1.05x, depending on ore value. If ore value is below $500K then it gives off a 1.4x multiplier. Between $500K and $5M, it gives off a 1.15x multiplier. And finally, $5M to $100M ore receives a small 1.05x multiplier.


  • This is the only upgrader in the game that treats ore differently according to their size.