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Such a strong searing chimney. It'll cook your ore to perfect pizza temperature, bombarding your ore with the power of ten thousand pepperonis!


The Pizza Bombarder is the Evolved Reborn-tier variant of the Pizza Blaster. It multiplies ore value by x10.

The Pizza Bombarder, like many other Evolved Reborns, is not compatible with its predecessor.


  • Unlike its predecessor, which has a conveyor speed of 60%, the second-slowest in the game, the Pizza Bombarder has a slightly faster than average conveyor speed.
  • This and the Pizza Blaster's Shiny Reborn or Shiny Evolution form can also be used as another boost to the Pizza Furnace's multiplier.
    • This item powers the Pizza Furnace for an extra 5000x when placed down on the base. The Shiny version boosts it by 10000x, the biggest boost of all the items.