"Transports ores to your local ship to be sold by shady pirates."


The Pirate's Loot Collector is a Premium-tier furnace. Most players that own this furnace get it from mystery boxes seemingly as a result of bad luck. This furnace processes ores at the value raised to the power of 1.1, then multiplied by 15k, and then with 7.5M added to the value.


  • The Pirate's Loot Collector used to process at 1,500x value, but it was buffed because one of the basic cells, the Cell Processor, multiplied by the same value. As the Cell Processor was worth little, this was buffed to make it worth owning.
  • The Pirate's Loot Collector used to do 9000x before a buff in June 2016.
  • It used to be part of the pirate pack gamepass, which included the Pirate Wall and the Flintlock Table, but packs were discontinued so it was moved to the uC shop.
  • Some people like to use Massive Gold Mines and Massive Diamond Mines with these, because the ore doesn't fall out much and it can make millions, letting players easily get to billions and trillions.
  • This is the first cell furnace of 3 others to have an exponent applied to the ore's value, the second being the Thingamajig and the third being The Fracture
  • This furnace actually beats the Cell Particalizer when the ore's value is high enough. However, this does not happen until the ore is worth $50T or higher.
  • You can use this with Coal Mines, but since it does ^ 1.1 * 15000 before it adds 7.5M, the Coal Mine's value will just be $7.5M because its original value was $0.
  • If you touch the pirate hat on the cell, you will get a pirate hat if you have 1 or less hats on.