This page is for the in-game item which is thought to play music but actually doesn't. Go to the In-Game Music page to learn more about the music played on Miner's Haven.

"Cool party-styled boombox! Doesn't play any auctual music though..."


The Party Boombox is a Super Rare-tier decorative item. During Alpha, the boombox played music on a local script, but it didn't work due to FilteringEnabled, so it was scrapped. The Berezaa Games Radio is it's successor, though not having a physical form, and costs uC to use.

Despite its description of not playing any music, berezaa has proposed to give the Party Boombox the function of allowing the player to access the Berezaa Games Radio when they have it down on their base.


  • In the item description, actual is misspelled as auctual.