"An over-complicated upgrader that can triple the value of ore up to three times."


The Ore Winder is a Common-tier upgrader that was released in The Resurrection Update. Due to its compact design, it cannot transport ores bigger than 1x1x1 studs. It transports ores from raised-ier level to ground level, all the while tripling its value in the process.


  • As its ground conveyor is not blocked off from behind, ores can be put in from there, although unable to receive an upgrade as the upgrader part is located on the middle conveyor, and if too big, cannot go through at all.
  • Despite the item's in-game description mentioning that it can only upgrade ores three times, it can actually upgrade ores four times.
  • Before 09/23/2017, this item had no effect cap, meaning it could be used unlimited times, potentially resulting in broken money.
  • During Innovation: Black Panther, this item's tier was changed from Mythic to Common and put into research crates.
  • The model for this item has two upgraders while the item in the game only has one.
  • If you are sacrificed, it's total multiplier is 531,441!