"A fiery hot upgrader which can only upgrade ores that are on fire. Can be used several times with no cash limit."


The Ore Roaster is a Rare-tier upgrader added in The Resurrection Update. The Ore Roaster's multiplier begins with x2, then is reduced by x0.2 for every upgrade up to 6 times. This does mean that the 6th upgrade does not change the ore value. However, it has a drawback that the ore must be on fire when it passes through the upgrade beam, otherwise it does not receive the upgrade.


  • The Ore Roaster was initially released without an effect cap, which players immediately took advantage of to get incredibly high amounts of money. This has since been patched.
  • This upgrader does in fact work with ores that are produced with fire, meaning you don't need an upgrader that sets ore on fire; this includes the Symmetrium MineSymmetryte MineSymcorpium Mine,  Boomite Mine, and Incendium Mine.
  • Using a portable flamethrower, you can safely upgrade an ore with 4 Ore Roasters before needing to place something that removes fire.