"An over-hanging scanner that perfectly clones any ore that passes through"


The Ore Replicator is a Super Rare-tier overhead scanner that clones ores that successfully touch the green part. When an ore touches the green part, a copy of the same ore comes out of the spout located at the bottom of the replicator. The Ore Replicator can only clone each ore once, unless used in a setup that includes a Tesla Resetter, The Ultimate Sacrifice, or The Final Upgrader.

There are two ways that this scanner can be used. With a Large Conveyor Ramp in a regular setup (ores have to be 1x1x1 studs in size), or in front of the mine with the scanner right under the spout. The second method is good for when you have only one of a mine and want to make quick money.

This scanner can also be used when you're trying to compensate for the 5 second Ore Illuminator cooldown. Sometimes, however, the duplicated ore has the Illuminati Symbol but does not statistically "hold it".


  • The cloned ore maintains all properties (money, effects, and tags) as the original.
  • Some mines (like Santa's Workshop, Excavators, 'Ol Faithful, etc.) are NOT compatible with an ore replicator by itself because the mine's spout is too low.
  • The cloned ore emerges from a spout at the bottom of the scanner. It is very awkward to fit into high-level cell furnaces and can thus clog frequently.
  • When you try to use an Ore Replicator with any of the giant mines (Massive Iron, Gold, and Diamond) it clogs and the ore it does replicate appears as a stone that will not be processed.
  • The tix bars from Ore Tixicator cannot be cloned as of update 2.1.5.
  • Even though this does not multiply ores, you could say this does 2x because that it duplicates the ores that enter it.
  • If your ore limit is full, the ore replicator will not clone ores.
  • This item, the Advanced Wall, the Utopian Refiner and the Dystopian Refiner are the only non-dropper items to contain recolour parts.