"The power of a black hole ripping apart an entire galaxy has been shrunken down into a small orb for you. Use it well."


The Ore Quasar is a Vintage-tier item with the same purpose as the Ore Pulsar. It has a quick cooldown of 3 seconds, while having a blueish green orb instead of Ore Pulsar's reddish orange orb. It also has a stone base instead of a metal base. It was granted the ability to damage players after the holiday event.


  • Before The Resurrection Update, when you place down Ore Quasar, the text on the Ore Pulsar GUI changes from "Destroy all dropped ores" to "MURDER all dropped ores".
  • Its ability to kill players was added during the Holiday Update on 12/4/2015. It was then nerfed to only do 100 damage at close range, doing less damage the further away the target.
    • The Ore Quasar's damage and range capability has been increased in recent updates. Now, the Quasar can instantly kill players in range when activated.