"An explosive machine that allows you to manually destroy all ore that you own. Useful for getting rid of clogged or escaped ore."


The Ore Pulsar is a Rare-tier machine that clears all ores that weren't already processed by furnaces and were produced by your own droppers. Ore Pulsar's cool down rate is 32-35 seconds.

The Ore Pulsar is red/orange in colour. It is activated by pressing the "Pulse" button, which, as the name implies, destroys all of your ores currently present. Its Vintage counterpart is the Ore Quasar.


  • In April 2018, an update was released for Miner's Haven that caused this item to create the remote button icon on your screen. This button has no use and has not been fixed as of 5/11/2018.
  • After placing down this item, a "Pulse" button appears along the "Drop" remote button, which is useless when there's no ore.