"A spooky upgrader that educates ores. It takes 5 seconds for ores to learn to become better, gaining a x5 boost. If their education is interrupted they are destroyed. Ores can normally only be educated once."


The Ore Illuminator is a Reborn-tier upgrader. It was released on August 16, 2015, aka the Combat Update. The Ore Illuminator is very common among reborn setups and can only be used once, twice with a Tesla Resetter, allowing ores' values to be multiplied by 49, only counting the 2 Illuminators and the Tesla Resetter. 

Ores cannot be upgraded again by any upgrader or be processed in a furnace for 5 seconds, or they will be destroyed. The x7 value will apply to the Ore after 5 seconds it has been upgraded by the Illuminator. There are a number of setups players can have after an ore illuminator to move ore for five seconds without using up much space on their bases:

  • 1 Conveyor Ramp and 7 Basic Conveyors
  • 1 Large Conveyor Ramp with 6 Basic Conveyors.
  • You could also use a Reversible Conveyor to stop the ore. Make sure that there is a conveyor slowing the ore down before the Reversible Conveyor, or else there's a chance that ores would pass through the Reversible Conveyor.
  • A conveyor ramp then a long but compact path of Tiny Conveyors.
  • Putting an Ore Gate after the Illuminator, block the ore for 5 seconds before opening the gate. This is by far the most space-saving and simplest method. (This is only recommended if you loop ore in the setup. If a dropper is continuously pumping ore, the Ore Gate will overflow)
  • The Timed Ore Gate could be set to five seconds and put after the Illuminator to save all ores, although this may have profound implications for your Ore Limit.


  • This upgrader references the dank Illuminati meme. It adds Illuminati particles to an ore and its upgrader's shape is in the form of a triangle.
  • When this upgrader was very new, a majority of people thought this upgrader adds 500N without a limit, this was disproven as they all found out it multiplies ore value by 5. 
  • Berezaa tweaked the particles for the Ore Illuminator in the Xbox Update
  • After the 100 Million Visits Event buffs, the description for this item has not been updated. 
  • The number 7 or the upgrader's multiplier is x6.66 rounded up to the nearest whole number. The number 666 is commonly referred to as "number of the devil" and is sometimes associated with the illuminati. 
  • This item can be placed down on your base to power the Book of Knowledge for 1000 "Knowledge Points". 
  • In early 2018, the Conveyor Ramp and Large Conveyor Ramp were buffed to have conveyor speeds of 200% instead of 100%, requiring more conveyors for an Ore Illuminator setup. Prior to their buffs, these setups were common: