"A simple gate that either allows ores to pass through or holds them in place."


The Ore Gate is an Uncommon-tier conveyor that has a simple ability to hold ore in place using buttons; green to release, and red to close. This can prove useful for loop setups to stop ore more easily than a Reversible Conveyor.


  • Upon closing the gate, a noticeable light is produced from the gate itself.
  • Compared to the Reversible Conveyor, the Ore Gate allows ore to travel only in one direction, while the aforementioned item can allow ore to travel in 2 different directions.
  • Placing this item after an Ore Illuminator or an Ore Indoctrinator can help bypass its "educate" effect.
  • Placing this item before manual/remote upgraders can help you ensure the upgraders will function.
  • On the Resurrection Update, the tier for this item changed from Uncommon to Rare. Likewise, its price also increased.