"A device from the future that temporarily increases the effectiveness of other star-shaped items."


The Nova Star is an Advanced Reborn-tier device added on the 100M visits event on the 16th of April, 2018.

The Nova Star does not upgrade ores on its own. Instead, it amplifies the multiplier for every other star item by x4, which includes the Morning Star, Neutron Star and Catalyzed Star. However, this unique effect comes at the cost of requiring the user to be at least life 5000 with the addition of a reborn rarity of 3; a long and lengthy journey.


  • This item is the rarest Advanced Reborn-tier item to see, simply because of the sheer amount of lives needed to obtain it.
  • To maximize the Nova Star's potential, place it at the start in order to make full use of its 3 second time limit.
  • The angled upgrade beam gives it a unique aspect in appearance compared to the other star-shaped upgraders, as their upgrade beams are placed vertically.
  • Berezaa originally wanted this to be an evolution of the Neutron Star.
  • This is the 4th "Star" item to be added.
  • At the moment, the Nova Star has the highest life requirement out of every item in the game.
  • This item's effectiveness was buffed to x4 in the Gargantuan Update on 6/11/18.
  • The upgrader part blinks whenever an ore goes through. Regardless, the upgrade effect is still given to ores.