"A scary-looking mine that produces ore worth an incalculatable amount of money. Doesn't work with cell furnaces, for some reason."


The Newtonium Mine is a Reborn-tier mine. It was released on July 24th, 2015 as part of The Overnight Update.

The Newtonium Mine is currently worse than the Atomium Mine. The Newtonium Mine is very good for Big Bad Blaster and Dragon Blaster loops. It beats the Atomium Mine in a way because it's known for traveling a significantly smaller distance when the ore explodes due to some upgraders, while ores from any other mine usually fly high into the air.


  • Commonly used in end game e+ setups when paired with an ore collider loop and small machines like ore winder.
  • Like several mines on its level, it doesn't work on most Cell Furnaces because of its starting upgrade tag, with the exception of Blind Justice.
  • Newtonium is currently the 9th most powerful mine in terms of ore value, next to the Spookmaster-5000, Atomium Mine, Scorpium Mine after a few hours, the Twitchite Mine with a high number of Twitch Coins, the Dragonglass Mine, the Breech Loader, the Onyx Mine, the Diamond Breech Loader, and the Gargantium Mine. And also Precursor Mine (Not Most Powerful).
  • Before the Newtonium Mine was a Genesis exclusive, it was considered the most powerful rebirth item to get on the first rebirth due to its power to kick-start mid-to-end game instantly.
  • The Newtonium Mine's name is based on Sir Isaac Newton.
  • When it was first released, it was broken for four days until Berezaa released an update that fixed it.
  • If you place a Newtonium Mine over bare ground with no conveyor under its dropping beam, the ore will always bounce backwards from the ground towards the mine.
  • Its ores go a significantly smaller distance when launched with an Ore Cannon or upon exploding, like the Superunobtainium Mine's ores.