"A powerful upgrader that only turns on at night time. Upgrades ores by 75% with no limit. Can only upgrade ores three times."


The Lunar Refiner is a Contraband-tier upgrader. Unlike all the other upgraders in Miner's Haven, it only turns on at night time. When it is activated, it upgrades ores by doubling their value with no money limit. It can only be used three times (six times with a Tesla Resetter).

Prior to the Easter Update on 04/15/2017, the Lunar Refiner used to upgrade ore by adding 75% of their value.


  • Prior to March 31st, 2016 Lunar Refiner was sold at an alternative shop for 75M and it required 25K RP to unlock. At the time, Lunar Refiner was intermediate tier.
  • The RP shop was removed on March 31st, 2016 and most of the items there became either exclusively sold by The Masked Man, moved to the uC shop, moved into mystery boxes, or made unobtainable. The Masked Man now sells Lunar Refiners for around 27k-40k RP, but however they are not Reborn-Proof.
  • It appears that this once was reborn-proof before a restock that made it 1-life only. This may have been a error in the code, or a simple bug.
  • It used to be popular in setups until the RP shop was removed.
  • As of 4/28/2018, this is now Reborn-Proof making it more usable for any stage of the game.
  • Despite the description, it does not add 75% but rather doubles an ore's value at nighttime.