"The great pumpkin triples the value of most ore, but it significantly enhances ore that is associated with the pumpkin."


The Great Pumpkin is an exotic-tier upgrader during the 2018 Halloween event. It's a giant pumpkin with some terrain and a fence nearby, with the upgrader part being located under it.

As the description implies, most ores are simply upgraded by 3x when passing through it, however any ore that is "associated with the pumpkin" (Halloween themed A.K.A the Spook mines, Hades' Fang etc.) receive a 30x upgrade.

If an ore travels through a Pumpkin Hero or Pumpkin Patch first, they receive an additional 2x upgrade. If both are used, then the additional upgrade is increased to a x4, totaling for a massive x12 upgrade from upgraders alone. If paired with a Halloween themed item, a colossal x120 can be achieved. This effect is not loopable.


  • The description of the submission reads: "the reincarnation of my child", this could be a reference to one of the Submitter's older submissions, the Pumpkin Road.
  • The item's name may be a homage to the classic Peanuts animated special, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown from its name and design.
  • The Spooklord-95,000 appears to not count as a Halloween item, being granted only a x5 upgrade instead of a x30.