"The gate of the eclipse is guarded by the Eclipse Security Administration. Who knows what they do to your ore."


The Gate of Eclipse is a Reborn-tier upgrader that was added on April 28th, 2016. It functions similarly to the Schrodinger Evaluator and the Flaming Schrodinger, having a chance to upgrade ores by some degree, or not even upgrading at all. However, the machine is much bigger and can add better effects to ore.

The Gate of Eclipse's original effects on ores were: disappearance, explosion, ore fling, x2.8 ore value, x3.2 ore value, x6 ore value, x8 ore value (white sparkles), set ore value to -$1k, and add $10T to ore value.

In the update on June 2nd, some stats were buffed. x6 was changed to x6.4, x8 was changed to x11, and add $10T to ore value was buffed to add $1qd to ore value. Every other attribute stayed the same. 

When ore explodes, the star will turn red and if ore multiplies by x11, the star will turn pink. 


  • This item was meant for life 150+ but Berezaa forgot to set the life requirement when the update was released, meaning lower lifed players had a short window to obtain this. (Patched as of 4/29/2016 8:33pm EST.)  
  • Upon release, this item had a broken hitbox, allowing you to place things inside of it. Prior to 10/3/2016, you were able to place a Blind Justice inside this item and allowed for instant rebirth. This has now since been fixed but the eclipse still has a broken hitbox as of 4/23/2017.
    • As of 17/11/18 the eclipse no longer has a broken hitbox. It was tested and does not work anymore.
  • The Gate of Eclipse is one of the 8 items that gives sparkles to ores. The other 7 are Schrodinger Evaluator, Flaming Schrodinger, Aether Schrodinger, Frozen Eclipse, Final Eclipse Gate, Super Schrodinger and The Dreamcatcher if charged.
  • This item has a broken hitbox which allows items to be placed inside of it.
  • Before the 2017 Birthday Update, it was possible to stack infinite of this item inside of itself without the placing bug.
  • The Reborn-Fusion of this is the Frozen Eclipse.