"Increases the value of ore by 70% up to 100sx. Removes fire from ores."


The Freon Suppressor is a Mythic-tier upgrader. It is commonly used in end-game setups with Suspended Refiners and Molten Upgraders. The Freon Suppressor has a complex design where you have to place a Large Conveyor Ramp before it for every Freon Suppressor you want to use.


  • The Freon Suppressor was the last upgrader until December 10th, 2015, when Berezaa added 3 new upgraders that made it possible to reach OcD.
  • In the Gun/GUI Update, this item's tier was lowered from Almighty to Mythic (Almighty was temporarily removed).
  • In December 2015, the price of a Freon Suppressor increased from 741O to 742O, by one octillion.
  • When this upgrader came out in the Summer Update, the lower conveyor of the Freon Suppressor was too low, causing ores to get clogged when trying to go on any other conveyor, even if the conveyor in front is going straight. This had been fixed as of June 6, 2016, on the update for the game's 1 year anniversary. However, similar with some other upgraders such as the Gate of Eclipse, the conveyor must face forward. It can not face left or right, or the ores will clog.
  • The upgrader part in-game is a thinner blade rather than the part shown, but it still will touch most ores in-game.
  • In Mobile, Freon Suppressor and Divine Items cannot be bought due to the page crowd on the "Upgrader" page.