"Send your un-upgraded ore through the enternal fracture for a heck of a ride. Only one ore can go at a time."


The Eternal Fracture is a Reborn Fusion-tier cell furnace in Miner's Haven. This item is a fusion between the Eternal Journey and The Fracture. You can only get this at a 5% chance after performing The Ultimate Sacrifice.

The Eternal Fracture exponentiates (sic) the value of ore by 1.14 ((X)^1.14)), then processes at x2B. However, it has a drawback: ore is held in stasis while it is processed for 1 to 5 seconds. Its hitbox allows all mines to be able to be directly dropped into the furnace part of the item, allowing for easy use without the requirement of an Ore Cannon.

Prior to the Easter Update on 04/15/2017, the power was 1.13 and the base multiplier was x1B.


The Eternal Fracture takes Eternal Journey and replaces its furnace part with The Fracture and retextures it to match the Eternal Journey's style. Note that the container usually present with the Eternal Journey has vanished, the stairs are a bit wider than they used to be, and the torch-pillars have changed to a lighter gray from a darker gray.