"An old and bulky upgrader with a very slow conveyor. Don't be fooled though, this machine packs a punch." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A VERY large upgrader that uses advanced computer systems to increase the follow of ore by 60% up to $100M. Heads up: the conveyor is really slow." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Digital Ore Cleaner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader. This upgrader is very useful for entering the trillions in Miner's Haven and for raising enough money to Rebirth in the early lives. It's recommended that 2 Nuclear Conveyors are placed before each cleaner, as its conveyor speed is ridiculously slow. Before 2018, the upgrade would upgrade ores by 60% up to 100M, now it upgrades ore depending on orevalue like so:

  • Ore worth less than $100M receive a 2x upgrade.
  • Ore worth between $100M and $1B receive a 30% upgrade.
  • Ore worth between $1B to $500B ore receives a 10% upgrade.
  • Ore worth between $500B to $10T ore receives a 4% upgrade.


  • This upgrader is commonly used in a loop before Schrodinger Evaluator or any other upgraders because of its $10T cap making it much better than the Freon-Blast upgrader.
  • The Reborn item Quantum Ore Cleaner has almost the same design as the Digital Ore Cleaner but is pink and has five beams.
  • This upgrader has the second slowest conveyor speed in the game, faster than the Arcane Lightning when that upgrader isn't charged.
  • In the 100M Visits update, this item got a buff to increase ore value by x2 instead of x1.6