"A split fusion of two of the most powerful mines in existance. The Diamond Breech Loader towers above."


The Diamond Breech Loader is a Reborn Fusion-tier item released on March 8th, 2017. It was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter (Berezaa deleted the tweet the next day).

The Diamond Breech Loader is a cross between the notoriously ineffective Massive Diamond Mine and the overpowered Breech Loader. It holds the status of having the 2nd highest possible ore value of any mine in the game, mining ludicrously expensive ores valued at $1qd, previously bearing $10T to $90T per ore. However, the ores do not work on most Cell Furnaces, due to it's upgrade counter of 18.

Likewise with the Breech Loader, part of the item is at an angle, but not diagonally. Instead, only the dropper segment is angled at a bend, facing forward. This is much more convenient and easier to use than the Breech Loader's diagonal rotation. Its ore size is a little bigger than the Breech Loader's ore size, making it tough to use in upgraders where a small ore size is required, such as the Gingerbread House.


The Diamond Breech Loader's appearance is mostly influenced by the Breech Loader seeing it has similar shape despite its spout being rotated at a lesser angle. The reason why there are two diamonds next to the diamond breech loader's spout is due to Massive Diamond Mine's design where two rotated parts appear on its spout resembling small hands, they also resemble SpookLord-95,000. New parts on the item include a bar graph on the bottom, a sphere in the middle, with the same color and a similar texture to the sphere on the back of the Boomite Mine (without the fuse). The Breech Loader has a sky blue color scheme while this item has a turquoise color scheme.


  • The black slate parts do not change color in accordance with your factory upon joining a game, unlike other items.
  • The Diamond Breech Loader does not work with Blind Justice due to having 18 upgrades.
    • The only cell furnace that the Diamond Breech Loader works with is the Sage Justice, but is processed by the Sage Redeemer side of it, at a x22.5 multiplier.
  • The Diamond Breech Loader is the second fastest mine, which is beaten by the Wubium Mine.
  • This item is the second to most powerful mine in the game based off raw ore value, only being trumped by the enchanted Gargantium Mine.
  • There is a typo in the description, saying "existance" instead of existence.
  • The mine doesn't work on teleporters.