"A scary furnace powered by crystals that seem to respond to certain radio waves. Claims ore at x45 when activated. Awards points based on state"


The Dark Magic is a Reborn-tier furnace. It is remotely activated but normally processes ores at 12x their value, making it the first button-activated furnace. When activated with the remote it processes ore at 45x its value, and the crystals light up.


  • The Dark Magic is the 2nd manually activated item that isn't a mine. The first was the Lightningbolt Refiner.
  • This furnace emits smoke, but it is more easily visible at night.
  • When this item was released, it was the most powerful furnace until the release of The Sunken Past on March 11, 2016.
  • This is one of the several known items that have their own unique sound effect when an ore is processed; other examples include the Sage Redeemer, The Fracture, Thingamajig, and Excalibur.
  • Like the Lightningbolt Refiner and the Industrial Ore Welder, seconds stack allowing for this to be active for minutes with consecutive clicks.
  • This item, like the Lightningbolt Refiner and the Industrial Ore Welder, has a small delay between the click and the activation.
  • The Dark Magic is one of three manual Reborn-tier items; the other two being the Lightningbolt Refiner and the Dragonglass Mine.
  • The Wubium Mine can temporarily be used to power the Dark Magic.