Vintage Items are high tiered and powerful items in Miner's Haven that can only be obtained from mystery boxes. Opening higher-ranked boxes and using lucky clovers with mystery boxes increase your chance of winning a vintage. Having a lot of money will also slightly increase your chances of getting a vintage (by removing shop items from the box).

List of Vintage items

Name of Vintage/Exotic Item Purpose Item type
Ore Encapsulator A Beta Exclusive furnace. Adds $100k to orevalue and processes ore at x40 its value. Furnace
'Ol Faithful The first vintage in MH that can be found in boxes, this mine drops $25M ore that grows every 30 seconds, quadrupling its value. Dropper
Ore Quasar The vintage counterpart to the Ore Pulsar with a 3 second cooldown, and a blueish green color scheme instead of the Pulsar's red and orange. Its explosion is able to kill players. Utility
Adowable Guardian The vintage counterpart to the Undead Guardian, the Undead Santa and the Zombie Clown that's orange and explodes players, instantly killing them unless players are infused with a Righteous Will. Can scale walls. Guardian
Noobite Mine A dropper that drops ores with a noob face that scale in value based on how much money you have. At $1O+ it drops noob heads instead. Stops working on all cell furnaces, except for the Blind Justice, Volcango, and THE UNDERTAKER at $100qd. Dropper
The Sunken Past Removes $10B from orevalue and then processes ore at x50 its value. Furnace
Executive Pillars An Executive-exclusive upgrader that randomly upgrades orevalue from x2-x5. Can only upgrade ores every 5 seconds. Upgrader

A Cell Furnace that upgrades un-upgraded ore to the power of 1.2 and then processes it at x50M its value.

Cell Furnace
Sword Master's Spirit

A Furnace that is given to players who have the retired Sword Master Gamepass. Processes Ore at x75 of its value.

Boomite Mine Produces ore worth $5M. Can produce 4 ores before stopping until one gets processed or destroyed. Reacts violently with coal, multiplying the ore by x10. Dropper
The Dreamcatcher Processes sparkling ores by 25% (1.25x), charge goes up by 1 for every sparkling ore that enters, charge decreases by 1-4 for every 10 seconds. If charge is high enough, sends out beams, if an ore hits these beams they get multiplied by x5 and are given sparkles. Beams disappear if charge lowers too much. Furnace
The Banhammer Gives players a Ban Hammer, which has a lot of knockback. Weapon Giver
Mini Infuser Makes your character tiny and increases speed by 10 Infuser
Resetting Infuser Allows you to apply a second infuser effect upon touching it, assuming if you already had one infuser effect to begin with. Infuser

Retired Vintage Items

These vintages have been retired and (possibly) replaced.

Name of Vintage Item Purpose Item type Replacement
The Second Amendment The vintage counterpart to the Iron Turret Wall. Previously was able to do high damage and knockback until PvP was removed in Update 2.1.2 (March 31st 2016). Lethal Thingamajig

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