Reborn Fusion is a Miner's Haven tier introduced in The Ultimate Update. The tier is designed for items that are a mix between two reborn items influencing the item's design and effects. These items would be favored over the two reborn items it's made up off as they usually have better effects than the two reborn items by themselves. However, the reborn items that were included in the fusion are not compatible with it.

In the MHCI Submission Vault, when asked if there will be any more fusions, berezaa responded saying he does not wish to add any more. You need at least 1 Sacrifice to have the power to be able to unlock Reborn Fusions.

Item Name Effects Fusion Of Date Added
Dragonglass Blaster Requires remote clicks. Upgrades ore with a random multiplier between x4 and x8, sets ores on fire, and a chance to explode and possibly destroy ore. Dragonglass Mine + Dragon Blaster 03/08/2017
Quantum Clockwork Upgrades ore by x4.5 normally. If ore touches the fine-point, ore is multiplied by x5.5. Effects stack. Clockwork + Quantum Ore Cleaner 03/08/2017
Sage Justice Depending on how many upgrades the ore got, it can either function as a cell or a regular furnace. Accepts all ores. Sage Redeemer + Blind Justice 04/15/2017
Aether Schrodinger Judges ores, but places a barrier in between ores. If ores pass through, the Aether Refinery processes them at x500 their value. Aether Refinery + Flaming Schrodinger 03/08/2017
Frozen Eclipse Functions similarly to Gate of Eclipse, but heavily favors flaming ore, as they get bigger and better upgrades. Frozen Justice + Gate of Eclipse 04/15/2017
Azure Spore Removes all effects from ores while also upgrading them. Wild Spore + Azure Refiner 03/08/2017
Eternal Fracture Functions similarly to The Fracture but for every ore processed the furnace closes to recharge. Any ores processed within the recharge state are destroyed. Eternal Journey + The Fracture 03/08/2017
Catalyzed Star Upgrades ore by x5 the first time without being ignited, second upgrade forwards upgrades ore by x1.65 and ignites ore for 3 seconds up to a cap of $1NvD. The Catalyst + Morning Star 03/08/2017
Diamond Breech Loader Produces large ore worth $1qd. Doesn't work on Cell Furnaces. Massive Diamond Mine + Breech Loader 03/08/2017
Lightningbolt Predictor Requires manual clicks to activate, initial upgrade is x3 to x8, after 10 to 30 seconds the ore is upgraded by x6. Astral Predictor + Lightningbolt Refiner 04/09/2017
Dark Illuminator A buffed Dark Magic. Ore that receives education from the Ore Illuminator get a boost. Requires remote clicks to activate. Dark Magic + Ore Illuminator 06/10/2017
Symcorpium Mine Drops one fireproof ore per mine, its value increases over time. Every new ore is more valuable than the previous one. Scorpium Mine + Symmetrium Mine 06/10/2017

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