the 2015 Spooky Update was the very first limited time event in Miner's Haven with a new map, lighting, and season GUIs. The updated was originally planned for Friday October 9th 2015 but was pushed back to the next day. This updated also introduced new item tiers including Exotic and Collectible.

Week 1

The Spooky Update was released on October 10th 2015 at 1:00pm EST.

  • A new reborn Industrial Firecrystal Mine added!
  • The first collectible item Jack-O-Lantern and the first exotics in Miner's Haven including Spookmaster-5000 & Haunted Infuser were added.
  • New premium items Professional Upgrader and Reversable Conveyor were added.
  • The first NPC Headless Horseman appeared on the middle of the map but had nothing to say or do.

Week 2

Part 2 was released on October 17th 2015 at 1:00pm with changes including Headless Horseman beginning to sell items including Spooky Research Center, Inferno boxes (he was the first source of them), and Haunted Infuser. The supply was greater than newer NPCs but was linked with all sources making it tough to get your hands on one of the items. A new premium item Forcefield Generator was added which prevents spawn killing in player's bases.

Week 3

This part of the Spooky Update was released on October 24th 2015 around 2:00pm EST

  • Berezaa delayed Private Islands to the next week but they weren't released until May 2016 when the Outdoors Update was released and Private Islands were replaced with VIP servers.
  • Headless Horseman's restock time was halved, and had a much higher supply of Inferno Boxes.
  • Melee weapons were been buffed, and now they all increase your speed instead of lowering it.
  • 5 new decorations and utilities were added including the Spooky Coal Mine, Spooky Control Gate, Spooky Security Gate, Zombie Doge, and Pumpkin Aman.
  • The previous Explosive Infuser began dealing random damage rather than only killing the victim. This was to discourage the explosive infuser craze where players would use it and walk to a player and reset on them to steal their RP.

October 30th & 31st, the final days

Berezaa promised that the content released in the first few weeks were just a buildup and something big would happen on these days. Unfortunately that buildup was all for nothing, as all it was just a uC sale. On November 1st, the Lightningbolt Refiner was created on stream and released the same day to mark the ending of the spooky update.


  • The Spooky Update was when Berezaa made many changes, including when he removed Private Islands in part one and said would bring it back the next week, then the next week, and so on for the rest of the event but never did so. He did however add a replacement known as VIP servers in May.
  • On October 11th, at around 11:00am, Berezaa was releasing a patch for Miner's Haven but accidentally made rebirth free for all lives for a minute. Everyone knew when a person shouted it and got everyone to take advantage for the one minute before Berezaa patched it.

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