The furnace is where the ore value is either firstly multiplied, increased or decreased, and then most importantly, the ore is processed. Most furnaces also generate RP, based on the amount of ore processed.

Furnace Types

Standard Furnace

Standard furnaces are balanced with fully upgraded ore and can be easily reached.

Cell Furnace

Cell furnaces (usually) cannot accept upgraded ore because the ore value multiplier is meant to be equivalent or better than fully upgraded ore from a set-up. They usually only allow 1 or 2 sides able to accept ore directly from the mine.

Research Center

These furnaces are made to give a lot of research points for ore. These furnaces tend to have low multipliers.

Research Centers, or Research Furnaces, are still able to multiply ore value and sell it, but they mostly have an increased RP rate for farming it.

All Furnaces

Furnace Name Ore Value PP/Ore Furnace Type Tier
Basic Furnace 100% ore value (x1 multiplier) 1 PP/100 ores Standard Common
Basic Research Center 25% ore value 4 PP/50 ores Research Center


Cell Furnace x20 ore value 1 PP/200 ores Cell Furnace
Advanced Furnace x1.5 ore value 1 PP/80 ores Standard
Yuge Furnace Processes ore by x10, extremely small. 1 PP/100 ores Standard
Proficient Research Center Accepted if ore value = $20+, 33.3% 6 PP/45 ores Research Center


Ore Incinerator x2 ore value 2 PP/100 ores Standard
Cell Incinerator x300 ore value 2 PP/200 ores Cell Furnace
Quantum Processor x4 ore value 3 PP/100 ores Standard Rare
Quantum Research Center Accepted if ore value = $300, x0.5 8 PP/40 ores Research Center


Cell Processor x1,500 ore value 3 PP/170 ores Cell Furnace
Elevated Furnace x5 ore value 2 PP/50 ores Standard
Raised Furnace x1.75 ore value 2 PP/80 ores Standard
Reinforced Furnace x5 ore value 4 PP/60 ores Standard
Complete Research Center Processes ore at x3 their value. Only accepts ore worth at least $1k. 10 PP/36 ores Research Center


Heavenly Forge +$1000 then x6 ore value 4 PP/100 ores Standard Super Rare
Natural Spring x8 ore value 6 PP/80 ores Standard
Sacrificial Altar x10 ore value 5 PP/80 ores Standard Unique
Sacrificial Cell x50,000,000 ore value 1 PP/57 ores Cell Furnace
Electronic Furnace Processes ore by x1 when inactive, and x20 when activated. 5 PP/80 ores Standard
The Dream-Maker x15 ore value 6 PP/80 ores Standard Epic
Shrine of Penitence x25 ore value 7 PP/75 ores Standard
Cell Particalizer x5,000,000,000,000 ore value 8 PP/50 ores Cell Furnace Legendary
The Black Hole x40 ore value -1 PP/30 seconds Standard
Cell Collider Processes un-upgraded ore at x120T their value. 9 PP/32 ores Cell Furnace Mythic
Fusion Reactor Processes ore at x5 its value. If upgraded enough, it will make a huge multiplier. 40 PP/100 ores Research Center
Angelic Grace x100 ore value 10 PP/75 ores Standard Divine
Pirate's Loot Collector (ore value1.1) * 15,000 + $7.5m None Cell Furnace Premium
Diamond Falls x21 ore value 9 PP/65 ores Standard Contraband
THE UNDERTAKER Takes 99.5% of your ore's value then donates it all to John Cena. 1 PP/100 ores Cell Furnace
Spooky Research Center Processes ore at x3 value.

Only accepts ores worth at least $50k.

10 PP/30 ores Research Center Collectible
Haunted Carnival Adds $10K to the ore value then multiplies it by x80M 100 PP/160 ores Cell Furnace
Candy Bag Multiplier varies according to life and the number of pumpkins MURDERED during the 2016 Halloween Event 50 PP/60 ores Cell Furnace
Sweet Tooth x25 ore value 12 PP/80 ores Standard
Assembly Unit Collects upgrades ores from the Hyper Mine then gives a Hyper Ignition Fuse and money. None Standard
Ore Encapsulator ore value + $100k then x40 None Standard Vintage
The Sunken Past ore value - $10B then x3 - x8 if < $10B or x20 - x30 if > $10B 5 to 35 PP/100 ores Standard
Thingamajig ore value1.2 * x50,000,000 10 PP/8 ores Cell Furnace
Frozen Justice normal ore x10 or flaming ore x26 5 PP/90 ores Standard Reborn
Nature's Grip ore value x25,000 if < $1k or x200,000,000 if > $1k 10 PP/200 ores Cell Furnace
Dreamer's Might ore value - $1T then x40 1-20 PP/100 ores Standard
Dreamer's Fright Randomly processes ore from x(-5) to x45 its value, then adds or subtracts up to $500k from orevalue Randomly subtracts PP Standard
Dark Magic ore value x12 or x45 if remotely activated 3 PP/100 ores

15 PP/100 ores (if remotely activated)

The Fracture ore value1.12 * x300,000,000 10 PP/80 ores Cell Furnace
Eternal Journey x100 ore value (one ore at once) 7 PP/10 ores Standard
Solar Flare Processes ore at x25 during the day

Randomly process ore from x0-x40 its value at night

5 PP/90 ores Standard
Sage Redeemer Processes ore by the number of times it has been upgraded divided by 2, with a cap of 35x 5 PP/90 ores Standard
Blind Justice Processes ore with no upgrades at x700M value, ores with one upgrade at x630M value, and ores with two upgrades at x560M value. Accepts ores that are regularly not accepted by other Cell Furnaces. 10 PP/100 ore Cell Furnace
Aether Refinery Processes ore at x300 its value, and places a barrier blocking the furnace for 5 seconds. Ores upgraded by the Aether Schrodinger are processed at x500. 10 PP/30 ores Standard
Dreamer's Anguish Processes ore based on user's amount of money. 35 PP/200 ores Cell Furnace
Sakura Garden Processes "pure ore" by x300. Ores will negatively affect the multiplier, especially ores with negative effects. 5 PP/10 ores Standard
Ambrosia Fountain Processes ore depending on how long they have existed. Minimum x10. Caps at 1 hour = x300 1 PP/100 ores Standard
Sword Master's Spirit Processes ores at x75 its value 40 PP/50 ores Standard Vintage
Excalibur Adds the value of all ores that came within the previous seven seconds to the current ore's value. No multiplier. 1 PP/100 ores Standard Exotic
Kappa Investor Processes ore in this order: 0.5x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x. Once an ore is processed at 64x, the loop resets back to 0.5x. ? Standard Exotic
Volcango Processes ore at x500 times its value. Accepts upgraded ores and ores not accepted by regular cell furnaces. None Cell Furnace Exotic
Birthday Cake Processes ore starting at x0.5 and gets stronger until it reaches x100. Once an ore is processed at x100, the loop resets back to x0.5. 1 PP/100 ores Standard Exotic
Blood Magic Processes Ore by 20x. For every 100th ore, the witch dabs, then it multiplies the ore by 300x, and summons five duplicates of the ore. ? Standard Exotic
Heavenly Wisp Teleports ore away, processes ore returned to it at x300 its value. ? Standard Exotic
Flying Dutchman Processes ores by 20x to 70x their value depending on your life. Every 30 minutes, if enough well-upgraded ores are submitted, the user receives a regular box or lucky clover. None Standard Exotic
Northern Lights Processes ore up to x937,5 if capped by 25 sparkling coal. Multiplier will decrease as ore is processed by it, by x20 down to a minimum cap at x0. 5 PP/25 ores Standard Adv. Reborn
Santa's Chimney Processes ore by x50k, 5-second cooldown between ores. Accepts upgraded ores. 10 PP/200 ores Cell Furnace Exotic
Equinox Processes value of all ores by x35. Ores disappear after the 7th ore is processed. 1 PP/100 ores Standard Exotic
Eternal Fracture Functions similarly to The Fracture, but shares processing traits with the Eternal Journey. 10 RP/10 ores Cell Furnace Reborn Fusion
The Great Parasite Processes ores based on the number of ores being processed by furnaces in the whole server per second. 8 PP/50 ores Cell Furnace Slipstream
Nature's Enchantment Processes ore at x150 their value 40 PP/70 ores Standard Slipstream
Pot Of Gold Processing power depends on the amount of upgrades the ore got ? Standard Exotic
The Dreamcatcher Processes ores x5, that are not "sparkling" ores. Sparkling ores increase base multiplier. 2 PP/100 ores Standard Vintage
Easter Shrine After 20 ores have been processed, the Shrine spawns a giant egg somewhere around the base containing the processed money. Multiplier is x0 to x1k. 10 PP/20 ores Standard Exotic
Sage Justice Depending on how many upgrades the ore got, it can either function as a cell or a normal furnace. 10 PP/100 ores Standard/Cell Furnace Reborn Fusion
Dark Illuminator Ore value x40 or x200 if remotely activated. 3 PP/100 ores (normal)

15 PP/100 ores (activated

Standard Reborn Fusion
Oasis Processes ore at x150 if the player is on life 1.

Processes ore at x100 if the player is between life 2 and 5 and processes ore at x50 if the player is beyond life 5.

1 PP/100 ores Standard Exotic
Grand Birthday Cake Processes ore by x35, then by x350, and this repeats. 1 PP/100 ores Standard Exotic
Grand Christmas Tree Processes ore depending on the life of the user. Raises if user is a higher life. Minimum x900. Caps at x1125, cap may raise during Christmas. 2 PP/102 ores Standard Exotic
Angelic Grace Processes ore by x100. 10 PP/75 ores Standard Divine
Aurora Borealis For every sparkling coal ore, the multiplier is raised by x37.5 with a maximum cap of x1312.5 (35 is needed to reach the cap).For every 35 ores processed (even non sparkling coal), the multiplier decreases by x37.5 with a minimum cap of x0. 5 PP/35 ores Standard Evolved Reborn
Sakura Falls Processes "pure ore" by x400. Ores will negatively affect the multiplier, especially ores with negative effects. 5 PP/10 ores Standard Evolved Reborn
Swift Justice Processes ore at x1.4B their value but doesn't work with ore with more then 3.2 upgrades 10 PP/100 ores Cell Furnace Evolved Reborn
Ancient Magic Once processed by the furnace, a clone of the ore is then sent to another furnace on your base. 6 PP/80 ores Standard Exotic
Guardian of the Gate x20 when at your base and x135 when away from the base 1 to 20 PP/100 ores Standard Reborn
Timeless Enhancement Processes ore based on the amount of upgraders it passed through 12 PP/50 ores Standard


Hungry Spirit

Multiplies unupgraded ores by 50 Billion, Multiplies upgraded ores by 50

100 PP/170 ores Standard/Cell Furnace Exotic
Sage King Processes ore based on number of upgrades *1.75. Has a cap of x210. ??? Standard Evolved Reborn
Supreme Birthday Cake Alternates between x70 and x700 every ore ? Standard Exotic
Forbidden Magic x100; x600 when remotely activated 3 PP/100 ores

15 PP/100 ores (if remotely activated)

Standard Evolved Reborn
Crystal Shrine x0 unless unlocked with ores initially processed (in order): an ore with a fire tag, a frozen ore, then an ore either worth 35QN or with 40 or more upgrade tags; x7500 when unlocked ? Standard Adv. Reborn
Ambrosia Forest Processes ore depending on how long they have existed. Minimum x10. Caps at 4 hours = x3000 1 PP/100 ores Standard Evolved Reborn

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