Fine-Point Upgraders are a division of upgraders in which the upgrader beam only covers a portion of the conveyor. These are often very valuable upgraders. Using a Centering Conveyor or using a Conveyor Ramp at a turn will alleviate the difficulty of getting ores to touch the fine-points of the upgraders.

Fine-Point Upgrader Effects Tier Date Added
Fine-Point Upgrader Adds $4 to ore value. Can be used unlimited times. Common Initial Release


Radioactive Refiner Upgrades ore by x3.5. The ore then becomes "radioactive", meaning it must hit a furnace in 6 seconds or else it explodes. Rare
Freon-Blast Upgrader Upgrades ore worth less than $500B by 45%. Also extinguishes ores on fire. Unique
Suspended Refiner Upgrades ore worth less than $1Qn by 70%. Legendary 2015 Summer Update


The Catalyst Upgrades ore by x4. Reborn 2015 Holidays Event, Part I


Santa's Sleigh Upgrades ore by x2. Exotic
Clockwork Upgrades ore by x5. Reborn TIX Patch


True Overlord Device Upgrades ore by x100. Ultimate True Overlord Patch


Robotic Enhancer Upgrades ore worth less than $300M by 75%. Contraband 2017 Autumn Update


Ore Negator Upgrades ore by 30% and decreases an ore's upgrade count by 1.6. Contraband
Quantum Clockwork Upgrades ore by x4.5 normally. If ore touches the fine-point, ore is multiplied by x5.5. Effects stack. Can only be used once. Reborn Fusion The Ultimate Update


Satellite Beam If an ore's value is under $1M, this doubles ore value and adds $1k to it. If an ore's value is OVER $1M, this triples ore value and sends it on its way. Ores worth under $1M can use this upgrader unlimited times, ores worth over $1M can only be upgraded once. Super Rare
Saturated Catalyst Upgrades ore by x7. Evolved Reborn The Resurrection Update


Spectral Upgrader Starting multiplier is x4.3, but decreases by x0.1 for every upgrader an ore has passed through. Uncommon
Freon Bombarder Makes ores fireproof forever. Luxury
Drone Upgrader Adds $5k to an ore's value then upgrades ore by x2. Epic The Layout Update (03/31/2018)
Vulcan's Grasp Upgrades ores based off of the items on your base and the amount of upgrade tags. Advanced Reborn Menu Refresh Update (04/28/2018)

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