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Miner's Haven thumbnail during the 2017 Easter Event featuring the Frozen Eclipse

"The Easter Bunny needs your help! Someone stole all of his precious eggs and hid them around the map! Who would so such a terrible thing?! Find all of the Easter Bunny’s eggs and he’ll surely reward you with an awesome collectible item for your troubles." -- @berezaagames


2017 was the first year that Miner's Haven held an Easter event. This is the second update that Berezaa posted patch notes at Since Berezaa

has the patch notes posted there, this page will be for the things that aren't mentioned in the patch notes or explains the patch notes in-depth (TheWikiaEditMachine keeps backups of official patch notes). Here are some changes explained more in-depth.

Berezaa next to an Easter Egg

  • Every hour, tons of Easter eggs fall from the sky with a message appearing the chat. Most of the eggs are not textured and come in many colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and White. The eggs have a chance of dropping the following things:
  • Users had an objective where upon finding five eggs around the map, they would receive an Eggcellent Upgrader.
  • Berezaa added an Easter Island that users can go to by finding an platform outside the map. It's highly recommended that users use an infuser and a speed boosting weapon if they have one. You can watch a video here (GRAB MULTIPLE JETPACKS) to get it, or read the instructions below:
    • Players cannot jump directly onto it but there's a platform near it below the water that players can jump on. They must adjust their camera view in order to see the platform underwater.
    • Once the player can see it, they must jump onto it and behind it, there's a path that leads to a Jetpack, go to it and pick up multiple jet packs (it allows you to).
    • Once you pick up the Jetpack, go back and go on the tall platform.
    • From there you should see Easter Island which is far from the mainland. Use your jet packs to go there (if you run out of fuel for one, equip another one). Once you are there, you can pick up the Easter eggs found there, eggs also appear there every hour.
  • Easter Security Gate is Mythic Tier and Easter Wall is Refined tier (they're reborn proof but holiday items usually don't get those tiers, It's unknown whether or not they're sacrifice proof)

Item Changes

  • Even though Berezaa buffed the Massive Diamond Mine to work with upgraders and still be compatible with a cell furnace, massive diamond ores are incompatible with Ore Cannon and Ore Collider meaning that you can't get massive diamond ores into a cell furnace without directly dropping them in.
  • Righteous Will got its in-game description changed and has been buffed so that it increases the user's walkspeed by 15 instead of 8 (the old in-game description said it buffed walkspeed by 4). Righteous Will also appears to have a jump height boost like the Infinite Infuser, making Righteous Will the best infuser in the game due to also having Zwambie immunity.
  • The Sunken Past now processes ore below $50B between 3-8x instead of destroying them


  • Berezaa was originally planning on having the quest structured like a typical game quest, with an NPC and a message system, but as it turned out, MH did not receive an Easter NPC.
  • When Picking up an egg that contains uC, a sound effect will play that Berezaa originally used in Azure Mines
  • When Picking up an egg that contains Easter Security Gate, a label will appear on the egg saying "Easter Security Wall"

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