Broken Money


There are big numbers in Miners Haven that are difficult to keep track of. Below is a table of numbers listed in order for Miner's Haven. An efficient way of writing big numbers is called scientific notation, which uses exponents. Exponents are variables for how many times a number is multiplied by itself. Any cash above 1e+200 gets set back to 1e+200 to prevent players from getting $inf, making it the highest cash anyone can have for an extended period of time. 

And yes, these numbers all do really exist!


In Scientific Notation, 22 is 4 as 2*2 is 4 (21 is 2 as numbers with an exponent of 1 is itself). 34 is 81 as 3*3*3*3 is 81. e+ refers how many times you would multiply a number of 10 which is demonstrated on the table. (1e+3 is 1*10*10*10 which is 1k and 2e+9 would be 2B as 10 to the power of 9 would be one billion). For the people that doesn't know what scientific notation is, here's a example: 1e+3 (k) = 103 = 10 * 10 * 10.

# Abbreviation Name Scientific Notation Notes
1 k Thousand 1e+3 - Money cap for Large Ore Upgrader ($50k)

-Money cap for Solar Large Upgrader ($50k)

2 M Million 1e+6 - Cash required for the Millionaire badge ($1M)

- Money cap for Precision Refiner ($100M)

- Money cap for Robotic Enhancer ($300M)

3 B Billion 1e+9 - Money cap for Way-Up-High Upgrader ($1B)

- Money cap for Freon-Blast Upgrader ($500B)

4 T Trillion 1e+12 - Cash required for the Trillionaire badge ($1T)

- Money cap for Birthday Upgrader ($1T)

- Money cap for Digital Ore Cleaner ($10T)

- Money cap for Serpentine Upgrader ($10T)

5 qd Quadrillion 1e+15
6 Qn Quintilion 1e+18 - Money cap for Portable Macrowave ($1Qn)

- Money cap for Suspended Refiner ($1Qn)

- Least amount of money required for Rebirth on Life 1 ($25Qn)

- Money cap for Molten Upgrader ($50Qn)

- 3rd upgrade looping cap for The Final Upgrader ($100Qn)

7 sx Sextillion 1e+21 - Money cap for Advanced Ore Atomizer ($1sx)

- Highest potential ore value of any mine (Gargantium Mine: $10sx)

- Money cap for Freon Suppressor ($100sx)

8 Sp Septillion 1e+24 - Money cap for Ore Thermocrusher ($10Sp)
9 O Octillion 1e+27 - Money cap for Suspended Lava Refiner ($1O)
10 N Nonillion 1e+30 - Money cap for Ore Transistor ($1N)
11 de Decillion 1e+33 - Money cap for Ore Transponder ($1de)

- Money cap for Loop-de-Loop ($100de)

12 Ud Undecillion 1e+36
13 DD Duodecillion 1e+39 - Least amount of cash required for Overlord Device + Overlord badge ($1DD)
14 tdD Tredecillion 1e+42
15 qdD Quattuordecillion 1e+45
16 QnD Quindecillion 1e+48
17 sxD Sexdecillion 1e+51
18 SpD Septendecillion 1e+54
19 OcD Octodecillion 1e+57
20 NvD Novendecillion 1e+60 - Money cap for Morning Star ($1NvD)

- Money cap for Catalyzed Star ($1NvD)

21 Vgn Vigintillion 1e+63
22 UVg Unvigintillion 1e+66
23 DVg Duovigintillion 1e+69
24 TVg Trevigintillion 1e+72 Money cap for Neutron Star ($1TVg)
25 qtV Quattuorvigintillion 1e+75
26 QnV Quinquavigintillion 1e+78
27 SeV Sesvigintillion 1e+81
28 SPG Septemvigintillion 1e+84
29 OVG Octovigintilion 1e+87
30 NVG Novemvigintillion 1e+90
31 TGN Trigintillion 1e+93
32 UTG Untrigintillion 1e+96
33 DTG Duotrigintillion 1e+99 - Max amount of cash required for Overlord Device ($999DTG).
34 tsTG Trestrigintillion 1e+102 - Least amount of cash required for True Overlord Device ($1tsTG).
35 qtTG Quattuortrigintillion 1e+105
36 QnTG Quinquatrigintillion 1e+108
37 ssTG Sestrigintillion 1e+111
38 SpTG Septentrigintillion 1e+114
39 OcTG Octotrigintillion 1e+117
40 NoTG Noventrigintillion 1e+120
41 QdDR Quadragintillion 1e+123
42 uQDR Unquadragintillion 1e+126
43 dQDR Duoquadragintillion 1e+129
44 tQDR Trequadragintillion 1e+132
45 qdQDR Quattuorquadragintillion 1e+135
46 QnQDR Quinquadragintillion 1e+138
47 sxQDR Sexquadragintillion 1e+141
48 SpQDR Septenquadragintillion 1e+144
49 OQDDr Octaquadragintillion 1e+147
50 NQDDr Novemquadragintillion 1e+150
51 qQGNT Quinquagintillion 1e+153
52 uQGNT Unquinquagintillion 1e+156
53 dQGNT Duoquinquagintillion 1e+159
54 tQGNT Trequinquagintillion 1e+162
55 qdQGNT Quattuorquinquagintillion 1e+165
56 QnQGNT Quinquinquagintillion 1e+168
57 sxQGNT Sexquinquagintillion 1e+171
58 SpQGNT Septenquinquagintillion 1e+174
59 OQQGNT Octaquinquagintillion 1e+177
60 NQQGNT Novemquinquagintillion 1e+180 Highest obtainable cash suffix that isn't written in scientific notation.
61 SXGNTL Sexagintillion 1e+183 Currently not in the game.

As Miner's Haven grew with age and new items were added, bugs came about, meaning unintentional cash suffixes were also possible. The table below shows the possible cash suffixes obtainable by unusual means throughout the history of Miner's Haven.

(Name may not be exactly correct).

Name Method of reproduction Notes Patched?
"Broken"/E+ Money Obtaining cash beyond $999NQQGNT (>$9.99e+182) The game currently has no suffixes beyond NQQGNT (despite Berezaa adding them up to SXGNTL). Therefore, the game has to display the money in scientific notation; i.e. $1.2345678901234e+234. No (and will likely never be patched due to technically not being a glitch)
$inf Obtaining cash beyond 1.38e+308. This broke your save by loading older save data. This could be avoided by rebirthing if obtained. Could previously be reached with the Ore Winder, Ore Roaster, Lightningbolt Refiner, and the Hydra Blaster.

This is now impossible by any means as Berezaa has capped the max money a player can get at 1e+200, which is not enough to get $inf.

$1.#Q Using the Solar Flare during night time (when its stats included an exponential multiplier) with an ore holding negative value. After being patched, Berezaa created a data restore for players with broken save data and changed the nighttime stats of the Solar Flare, removing the exponent in the process. Yes
$1.#INF Infinitely upgrading your ores with the Lightningbolt Refiner before its RNG-based effect of destroying ore was introduced. Players who received this cash suffix had their save data completely wiped upon rejoining the game and nothing could be done to save it, as this was before the restoredata was created. Yes
(-$inf) Loop upgrading ores with negative value (using Gate of Eclipse, Frozen Eclipse, Flaming Schrodinger or Aether Schrodinger) for an extended period of time until reached. The upgrader that changed the ore value to become negative must stay on the user's base; otherwise the ore's value will not change. After being patched, ores with negative value can no longer be processed, and will simply disappear if one tries to do so, whereas previously the ore could be processed. However, the Aether Refinery ignores this fix and can process negative-value ores. Rejoining the game will set the users cash back to $300 to combat negative money. Yes
$nan Using ores that have a negative value which are then processed into an exponential furnace or cell furnace. This cash suffix disabled players from buying anything or rebirthing. It was quickly patched, not lasting even a day. The restoredata code was updated to serve those who fell victim to this bug. Even if obtained with Nightmare, rejoining returns the cash back to a positive whole number. Yes


  • When the game first launched, the last value was Sextillion, or sx.
  • After June or July 2015, the limit was changed to Nonillion, or N.
  • After the Summer 2015 Update, the limit was Duodecillion, or DD, thanks to the Molten Upgrader and Freon Suppressor. An Overlord Badge was added along with it.
  • Before cash suffixes beyond DD were introduced, money, if broken, was displayed as $[player's money]+[amount of zeros past DD]DD. For example, $1.521341653+014DD. Since then, broken money is now displayed in scientific notation.
  • On December 13th, 2015, the limit was changed to Septendecillion, or SpD (despite being mentioned by Berezaa being changed to Octodecillion, or OcD) and was obtainable with the Ore Thermocrusher, Suspended Lava Refiner, and Ore Transistor.
  • On June 2nd, 2016, the Overlord Device was added to reward users that rebirthed while having cash between $1DD to $999DTG.
  • On August 4th, 2016, the cap of Octotrigintillion, or OcTG was proposed by Berezaa on Twitch, and the True Overlord Device was a new reward for reaching Trestrigintillion, or tsTG.
  • On the 30th of March 2017, Berezaa intentionally leaked the new highest Cash Suffix as Quadragintillion on stream, abbreviated as QdDR. He also mentioned a possible centillion suffix being added in the near future.
  • On March 29th, 2018, Berezaa added 20 new suffixes on-stream.
  • At some point in time, the max money a player could get was $1e+300, which was then changed to $1e+200 later on.