• Marsium

    Blog 13: Ending weekly blog

    December 30, 2018 by Marsium

    I am sorry to hear this, but I will not post blog weekly.

    I have a lot of stuff going on. I am also rarely play Roblox. I still post blogs for other stuff I like show you.

    If you like me blogging, go to Battle for Dream Island Wiki because I blog a lot there and hang out a lot of other people. I go there most of the time.

    If you like to hang out with me, go to Discord server of this wiki. I do not chat a lot, but you can still chat with me live.

    If you do not know, I have a website. Go here.


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  • TheWikiaEditMachine

    Just today, Berezaa tweeted that he is no longer working on Miner's Haven. You can read the tweets here. This wiki has been around since June 2015, around the same time when Miner's Haven was officially released, and has been the best place to get information about items and game mechanics in Miner's Haven. Berezaa endorsed the wiki on April 30th, 2016, since then, making it the official wiki for Miner's Haven. Since Miner's Haven will no longer be updated, the Miner's Haven wiki will not have brand any new content to cover, but users are still free to edit articles, and post comments, messages, and forums & discussion posts.

    in 2015 since Miner's Haven official release and throughout 2016, Miner's Haven had remained on the front page, and …

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  • Marsium

    Blog 12: My first music

    December 22, 2018 by Marsium

    Sorry for not posting blogs. I got a busy month.

    I made my first music today! Go listen to it!

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  • Marsium

    Hey. (Wow so much for introduction.)

    I am going to talk about some submissions items I been thinking that I made a draft of that. I made them into category which is there is a theme around these items. The names may not be final until I build it.

    Natural Disaster:

    • Tornado Upgrader - Tornado Upgrader is a tornado-like way-up-high upgrader that you send ores to get stuck inside of a tornado and multiply the value of an ore based how long is been stuck inside. In random amount of seconds, ores gets released to the other side. It is like Pirate Cove, but more ores can be upgraded.
    • Lightning Striker - Lightning Striker is an upgrader. There are multiple fine-point upgrader beams but all of them are inactive, invisible, and do not upgrade ores. But e…
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  • Marsium

    Hey readers!

    I rated some more exotic-tier items I currently owned. I rated them by 1 - 10 that 1 is bad and 10 is good. Here are the 5 more items:

    Wubium Mine - 10 - A rapid rate of ore dropping mine can be used something else other than making money. I can use this with Radioactive Refiner, Portable Flamethrower, and Ore Collider to attack other bases like a MLRS.

    Caramel Birthday Cake - 6 - It is a yummy cake upgrader that multiplies the ore value by 15. It is a high multiplier but it cost you space for other items.

    Pirate Cove - 5 - It upgrades your ore by multiplying it up to 21.2. However, it only upgrades one ore at a time and it takes time to upgrade until reaches the max multiplier.

    Rainbow Refiner - 8 - It has a nice multiplier and th…

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  • Marsium

    Blog 9: Admin

    November 10, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey users! I am back!

    I am the newest admin which I am not expecting it straightaway. Having admin rights have benefits to do than without it. Being a admin is all I need to manage Miner's Haven Wikia to make an awesome wiki. I do not know what to do what to do with it. But for now, I will keep checking more often to fix problems and help with the other users.

    Miner's Haven Wikia is the second wiki that I have admin rights. I do not know if the rights passes to Vesterian Encyclopedia (which I mostly edit there) and Azure Mines Wikia (inactive there). I do not know if I supposed to get a admin role on Miner's Haven Wikia Offical Discord. (Thanks again 1011025m for a link!)

    Anyway, see you around!

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  • Marsium

    Hello wiki readers! It is blog time!

    I rated some exotic-tier items I currently owned by 1 - 10. 1 is bad and 10 is good. Here it is:

    Supreme Birthday Cake - 9 - It has a very high multiplier. But also a low multiplier too. It is still the best exotic item.

    Volcango - 2 - It is a worst exotic furnace I have. It is hard for the upgraded ores to get in. It has the same multiplier as activated Precursor Furnace so I do not recommended it to use with Ore Cannon. It is still fine to use if you do not have a furnace with high multiplier.

    Equinox - 1 - It is a horrible exotic furnace I have. The effect if the furnace are bad. Ores do not get process disappear which it the a worst exotic I owned.

    Icosahedron Flood Light - 10 - The best flood light and …

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  • Marsium

    Blog 7: Late blogging

    October 30, 2018 by Marsium

    Hello guy! I did not post a blog in time, but at least posted it. I do not have much time so I will do this extremely quickly.

    How do you feel about New Heights Update not able to be release? If you own hydraulic and platform items, what changes to your setup? If I own those, my setup will much longer for the ore to travel, but getting richer after that process.

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  • Marsium

    Blog time!

    Recently, I am started to play with my PlayStation Portable (PSP-2001 model). Ahh... good times. But sometime it is frustrating to use for two reasons. One, there is no battery inside because one battery do not work and the another but bulkier battery is damaged. Two, the charger is dented and does not fit that most of the time it disconnect the only power source that cause my PSP to turn off instantly because there is no battery.

    Do you have some old device too? Tell me.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 5: The new six

    October 14, 2018 by Marsium

    Weird? I am sure that I posted a blog last week. Alright then. Hello blog readers! I am Marsium, you can call me Mars if you like.

    If you wonder where is the animation that I been talking about from weeks ago, I was busy for other wikis. That small animated picture is really good. It can be used as a loading icon. So you have to wait.

    If you like challenges, then here a challenge. You can use Vintage-tier mines only. You can use any upgraders and furnace from the shop and from The Masked Man. Your goal here is to get a duodecillion cash ($1DD) as fast as you can. Before you start this challenge, you must rebirth and reset your cash to $50. Comment your recored time here. Good luck!

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  • Marsium

    Blog 4: Here it is

    September 29, 2018 by Marsium

    Heyllo! How is  going? Fine? Good!

    So here is a challenge for you: You must get the lowest amount of money you can do. Get the highest negative number as you can. If you rejoin the game with your negative money, your cash will reset to $300. Take a screenshot of you with your money. Lets see who gets the least money.

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  • Marsium


    You know that I may be not active much during weekdays. The obvious answer is school. I will be only active on morning and night (on my time zone). Between there are school and study. Anyway, it is weekend and I will be active all-day. Yay! I am still creating cool gif. (That what I wanted to called them.)

    I created my own Discord server called Free Islands. You can just do anything you want! I may be there! Join with this link:

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  • Marsium

    Blog 2: Not enough time today

    September 20, 2018 by Marsium

    Welcome back! Did you have a good day? (If you in the area under the hurricane storm, I hope you are safe.)

    I do not have much time on Wednesday and I am making this short and quickly. I will be posting weekly blog on Saturday instead on Wednesday. I currently making a small and short animation. Not something to be proud of, but yeah. That is it for now. See ya!

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  • Marsium

    There is not much going around on . So I am going to start a weekly blog post every Wednesday.

    What do I post? Well I am going to post random and relatable stuff I do.

    I think this is the good time to reintroduce myself.

    This is Marsium. I'm a gamer. I always love playing video games everyday. I like listening to music, and creating images. Yeah, I photograph, illustrate, and photoshop. I also know HTML and CSS. I read a lot of wikis way before I created my account. I read them for gamimg purposes. Most of my time, I read every page on the wiki. I created my FANDOM account months ago. I created it so I can help them with anything. Update the outdated, revert vandalism, and help other users.

    It is not much a good start, but I will do fun thing …

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  • GalaxyTheEditor

    Hey guys! I'd like to share my thoughts on the next update that's coming soon.

    The "New Heights" upcoming update, or "Hydraulics" update (I honestly can't remember what it's called) seems very interesting. Not much is known about the update yet because obviously it hasn't came out yet, but what I know about it is that you can buy platforms to bring your base a bit taller on some parts. I'm already excited for this update, as this will bring so many new base designs into play, and make out lives so much easier! It'd also be pretty cool to make a special lounge that's taller than the rest.

    Something just came into mind. You know that ladder you can buy from the shop but you almost never use? Well, that should become a useful item for once, si…

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  • Marsium

    Setup "Tips"

    August 21, 2018 by Marsium

    Are you missing something in your setup? Is your ore not getting you rich? Do you like flashing upgraders? Well, I'm showing you some tips in MH to make your setup even better than ever.


    Is a cell furnace are give you not enough money to rebirth? Well thanks to these upgraders without conveyors, you can upgrade you ore while inside of a cell thingy. With this, you can rebirth in no time at all!

    You don't like cell furnaces? It time to make your setup better. The bigger the ore, the bigger the money. So use a massive mine like iron, gold, or diamond at the start of your setup. As I said, the bigger the ore, the bigger the cash.

    Is your mines miss and hits the ground all the time? Use teleporter to make your lives eas…

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  • Uberdestroyer12


    August 15, 2018 by Uberdestroyer12

    idk what to put

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  • Marsium

    Broken badge?

    July 29, 2018 by Marsium

    There are two Furnace Editor badge, and this badge is broken? If you are the one out of 35 people earn it, then how? This needs to delete this broken duplicated badge.

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  • Nachochips14


    July 6, 2018 by Nachochips14


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  • Interviiew

    Update Log 3! :D

    July 3, 2018 by Interviiew

    Lifewise I spent most of my day with job application things and learning a bit more about roblox scripting! 

    (fun ikr *sarcasm intended*)

    However, I did play a bit, and this is what i got for ya!

    Life: S+2289

    Vintages/Exotics Obtained: Caramel Cake

    Not much, but it's something. See you tomorrow dudes! (even though i'm lame so nobody even reads this)

    - Interviiew o/

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  • Interviiew


    Life: S+2002 (ikr, over 1600 lives in a day)

    Vintages/Exotics obtained: Caramel Cake, Noobite mine, and (another) Resetting Infuser!

    That's all folks! Another Progress Report Later Tonight! Cya! o/

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  • Interviiew

    First One. Hooray?

    June 30, 2018 by Interviiew

    --Knowledge Update Hype!--

    I'm not really sure what to do for a "blog" here, so I figure i'll just post somewhat regular updates about my life as well as any vintages/exotics I get. So without further hesitation, here's day 1!

    Life: S+333

    Vintages/Exotics Obtained Today: 3x Resetting Infuser and 1x Sunken Past (2 days worth of crates, and side note, I also bought executive yesterday! :D)

    So that's pretty much all it will be, as well as any random posts I feel like making to talk about new updates/ideas I have (since I can't build for the life of me and therefore can't make a submission :P)

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  • ScoutWithAK


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  • Marsium

    Haven Story

    June 22, 2018 by Marsium

    A familiar story coming soon...

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  • Marsium

    When is look and sroll down at recent blog posts, I notice the date is already old. Here is why.

    Blog rarely use because discuss is the better way to use. Long texts, comments, replys, photos, videos, etc. Polls can be use only in discussion page, unlike blog page. This is why discuss is better than blog. Forum somewhat use title and comments. There is even a note in css at recent blog posts says:

    "It is recommended to not use blog posts are there are more popular ways for writing long posts with a comments section like forums (which will be replaced by discussions eventually but a date has not been announced yet) or Discussions (which does not support custom CSS and uses a dark theme, wikitext code, and cannot be highlighted for wikia users…

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  • Subzer333

    So Masked man's refresh has broke. its stuck at 00:09:38 when i join each server. its annoying because i cannot buy a single item. all the items left in his inventory is a crate storm,pirate wall, or base costumization stuff. Nothing new. except when people dont buy the Nebula system. When is this going to be fixed? plz

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  • Marsium

    Somehow, I earned a Sacrificial Editor badge that that says I’m the lucky 86,000th edit on the wiki. I got it after editing Massive Diamond Drill on my tablets and it my 86 edits. If this is luck based then does anyone also got it too?

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  • Cherylfrancis3000

    • Imagine we have an ore, and a pathway with repeating upgraders. Suppose this ore has an initial ore value, and goes through all the upgraders, repeated a given number of times, each with a given multiplier. The ore then has a computable final ore value

    • In this given situation, the final ore value, initial ore value, multiplier, and the number of upgraders can be computed for via the following formula:   
    • V_F = V_I * M^U

    • where V_F is the final ore value, V_I is the initial ore value, M is the multiplier of each upgrader, and U is the number 
      of upgraders.
    • note that V_F must be rounded to the nearest whole number.

    • Using the previous formula from the "General Equation" Section, we can also compute for the value of the number of upgraders U.
    • (Don't w…

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  • Edyyo134RBLX


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  • Coyot mat

    blog 2

    June 3, 2018 by Coyot mat


    venez sur xbox one miners haven

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  • Coyot mat

    Miner' s Haven FR

    June 3, 2018 by Coyot mat

    Bonjour tous le monde,

    Ce blog est fait pour miner' s haven xbox one .

    Si vous voulez de l' aide envoillés moi un message ;

    Je suis lvl 260 et mon amie s+6000


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  • Stupidity.Png

    Yet you can get banned with discord links, they broke their own rule lmao. It clearly states that stuff roblox would ban your roblox account for is also bannable here, and in the roblox TOS it stats discord is basically banned there. So theoretically discord should also be banned here

    (link here:

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  • John1213

    When you need Tvgs to reborn and wanted to skip lives to get adv reborns, here are few tips for you.

    • Use quantum ore polisher with quantum clockwork, which does has x3.5 more multiplier than quantum ore polisher than clockwork.
    • Use final eclipse gate in your setup, it does not set ores to negative value unlike gate of eclipse or schrodingers.(UNLESS YOU HAVE WINTERHEART)
    • Ore transistor + big bertha
    • Be careful ores still get stuck during teleportation.
    • If you use dragon blaster, put an gate in front of it to prevent ore loss. (one unit allows the upgrader part to fully reach conveyor)
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  • DankMemes99

    Use a combination of neutron stars + cataclyzed stars to get an ore to 1TVg.

    (Optional, if using a symmetryte mine which i do, use a BBB or DB loop to get the ore higher.)

    I then use a combination of upgraders starting off with the Astral Settler, Quantum Clockwork, and Azure Spore. Then I just add whatever upgraders I have from there.

    My furnace of choice used to be Northern Lights, as sparkling coal is easy to get with 6 flaming schrodingers minimum. But now I use Crystal Shrine as it is the much better option.

    Minimum I got from this setup without the BBB or DB loop is 1dQDR. Have fun!

    (This is also my first blog post.)

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  • Gynaecide


    April 27, 2018 by Gynaecide
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  • Angrybirdstd

    Missing equipment

    April 16, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    These are Angrybirdstd's ideas for Miner's Haven.

    These are missing droppers.


    • Obsidian
    • Glowstone
    • Redstone
    • Dravite

    Dropper/Quality BuyCost SellCost OreValue DropRate OreSize Tier
    Obsidian Dropper 85.5M 15M 8k 1 ore/.9 sec 1*1*1 Rare
    Glowstone Dropper 15.5Qn 4Qn 800k 1/.5 sec 1*1*1 Epic
    Redstone Dropper 195B 51.2B 40k 1/1.2 sec 1.1*1.1*1.1 SuperRare
    Dravite Mine 65.5T 16.7T 80k 1/sec. .9*.9*.9 Unique
    Magicstone Dropper 560uC 1.50k 1.50M 1/1.5 sec. .5*.5*.5


    Legendary Stone Dropper 12de 5de 2.5B 1/sec. .75x.75x.75 Mythic

    These are missing furnaces.


    • Massive Glowing Red Furnace
    • Space/Time Warp portal
    • Vulture Stash
    • Industrial Redstone Mine

    Furnace/Quality Tier BuyPrice SellPrice Upgrade Multiplier
    Massive Glowing Red Furnace Rare 860B 220B 7x …

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  • FGShadowcore


    April 9, 2018 by FGShadowcore

    Is there an infusers section? cuz if thewre is then im blind and if there is not pls make one :D

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  • Nachochips14

    There is a cave and the is a hidden fidget spinner at the entrance of it then there is also a hidden invisible cape and a guy who gives u free luxury boxes and he is hidden on the top of the cave so u need to find a secret entrance on the cave's ceiling and i luv bacon.


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  • Mammothmans

    i think the animal jam nerds are declining in rarity because my friend did the clover adventure and he has gathered 4 pairs of nerds soo far if he has that much then wonder how much are being earned in a day and the adventure is going on throught all of march  the pic os proof

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    So there are 7 Research Centers, and some people may ask: "Which one is best, and by how much?" So I made this little handy chart:

    Name Cost Ore requirement Ore Multiplier RP rate RP per ore
    Basic 5k None 1 4/50 0.08
    Proficient 95k $20 1 6/45 0.13
    Quantum 475M $300 2 8/40 0.2
    Complete 5B $1k 3 10/36 0.27
    Fusion 5N 21 Upgrades 5 40/100 0.4
    Spooky Unobtainable $50k 3 10/30 0.3
    Innovator's Unobtainable None 2 15/100 0.15

    The Basic is pretty much junk, and the Spooky has a very high Ore Requirement. The Fusion is very expensive, and needs a LOT of upgrades. The Quantum and Complete are worth noticing, though. Even though they have an ore requirement that makes them incompatible with Spitfire Iron Mine s, this can be easily bypassed by placing a Cursed…

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    SUM vs. RM

    January 29, 2018 by RiskoZoSlovenska

    It is said that the SUM (Superunobtanium Mine) is supposed to triumph the RM (Radium Mine). I looked at the stats, but I wan't sure, so I did some math.

    1 Ore/0.2 - 2 Seconds

    = 1 Ore/1.1 Seconds (Average)

    30K - 4.5M/1 Ore

    =2.265M/1 Ore (Average)

    =2.3M/1 Ore (Rounded average)

    This all is 2.3M/1.1 Seconds (Rounded average)

    =2M/1 Second

    5 Ores/4 Seconds

    =1 Ore/0.8 Seconds (Average)

    100K - 2M/1 Ore

    =1.05M/1 Ore (Average)

    =1M/1 Ore (Rounded average)

    This all is 1M/0.8 Seconds

    = 1.3M/1 Second

    Name Superunobtanium Mine Radium Mine
    Money (per 1 second) 2M 1.3M
    Cost 250 uC - 2.5K uC  185 uC
    Size (units) 4 x 4 4 x 4
    Reborn Proof? Yes Yes
    Sacrifice Proof? Yes No
    Source Masked Man Boxes or uC shop
    Cell Furnace Compatible? No No
    Upgrade counter 20 2.4
    Tier Contraband Premium


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  • Sleepy Soda


    November 25, 2017 by Sleepy Soda

    Hi, this is just an informal little blog for personal use that tabulates all the upgraders and conveyors in Miner's Haven so you don't have to keep clicking loads of articles to compare stuff. I worked a few hours to get all the information down, enjoy! It might hurt your eyes sorry


    Does not affect value of ores

    Has a
    cash limit

    Does not have a cash limit

    Obtained from rebirths

    Higher Tier

    Item Name Brief Description Key
    Basic Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Raised Mini Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Walled Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Fine-Point Upgrader +4 ore value
    Ore Purifier Machine +9 ore value
    Large Ore Upgrader 1.35x ore value (has cash limit)
    Wide Conveyor Moves stuff at 1x speed
    Conveyor Converter Moves stuff …

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  • ChampionBlue778

    User Ranks

    November 2, 2017 by ChampionBlue778

    Because I'm too lazy to go to the listusers page

    Staff name Join date Extra info
    BananaOTT April 8, 2016

    Berezaa April 30, 2016 Game Owner (Inactive)
    Helper Rick November 3, 2015 Semi-inactive
    KingTFR October 20, 2016

    TheWikiaEditMachine October 17, 2015 Does most CSS

    Staff name Join date Extra info
    Aiyanite August 8, 2016 Inactive
    Gleepgorp July 22, 2015 Inactive
    InfoElaboration April 30, 2016 Inactive
    K06Tweety March 15, 2016

    KingVehk April 6, 2016 Inactive?
    Kitrank Vopafal March 26, 2017 Admin from the Azure Mines Wiki
    Knok Knok February 16, 2017

    ScarceBit October 16, 2016

    Spicydankmemer October 17, 2016

    UnidentifiedError November 2, 2015 Inactive
    WolfCrafter55555 December 6, 2016

    Reteego April 11, 2017

    Staff name Join date Mod type Extra info

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  • Minershavenboiss
    [[File:Placeholder|right|3write ideas

    Write the first section of your page here.

    Write the second section of your page here.

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  • StyronArmy

    Miners Haven Update

    September 19, 2017 by StyronArmy

    Ok, so the game was just updated. Now I have a few quiestions: 

    1. How do you evolve items? 

    2. Are the new exotics obtainable in boxes, or a secret way?

    3. Does MM still exist?

    4. Will you ever get rid of nighttime? It is unbearable now because it is so dark.

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  • SunnywongREAL

    can u show me a set up for life 25+ pls

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  • Superdave100

    step by step tutorial pls, its been quite a long time


    Jokes aside, (hope I don't get banned for breaking a rule or something) how are you all doing? Has the game received a major update lately? I'm dying to know, I haven't had access to an electronic device all summer.

    Either way, just stopping by to say hi.


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  • 3BurningMice


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  • Zironic22

    Might need new setup?

    June 23, 2017 by Zironic22

    I'm only on life 1, and im stuck at around 30-60qd cash. I'm trying to get up to 210k RP, though I don't believe it does much. My current setup is just a bunch of mithril mines over Sacrifical Cells. Is there any better setups I can/should use? if there is, please tell me. Thanks!

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  • SirAdven

    Dark Magic picture

    June 15, 2017 by SirAdven

    Triggered cuz I can't seem to access the bigger decal for Dark Magic so I could provide its picture. 

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