"The big bad blaster is easily the biggest and baddest blaster in the world. It attaches to conveyors and triples the value of ore... most of the time."


The Big Bad Blaster is a Reborn-tier upgrader, upgrading every ore that passes through it by x2.65. Most players abbreviate the name to "BBB." It is similar to a Portable Flamethrower because it also grants ores a higher value along with setting them on fire. To prevent infinite value ores, the Big Bad Blaster has a chance to destroy/explode ores. Surviving ores are set on fire, destroying them if they don't get doused or reach a furnace in more than 3 seconds. It is only obtainable after your fifth rebirth (Genesis). It is commonly placed beside Flaming Schrodingers.


  • This Big Bad Blaster can kill you or anybody else if you or they get too close when an ore explodes.
  • The Big Bad Blaster is used along with a Freon-Blast Upgrader, Wild Spore, or anything else that takes away fire in most conveyor loops, usually for getting players into the duodecillions. A good choice if you are trying to get an Overlord Device.
  • The Big Bad Blaster used to triple an ore's value but it was nerfed on August 8, 2016. The description wasn't updated, however. This was most likely to compensate for the addition of the Dragon Blaster.
  • Compared to the Dragon Blaster, the Big Bad Blaster has:
    • A smaller multiplier (x2.65 vs x4),
    • Higher chance of exploding and destroying ores,
    • But takes up less space.
  • The Big Bad Blaster has the looping ability so it can be useful for True Overlord Device .setups.
  • If looping, you can pair this with a Controlled Gate to create a safer loop which won't lose as many ores.
  • If putting ores on fire, than putting them through a Repilcator, the replicated ores will not decay, meaning for much more potential money from this blaster.