"The puriest fusion of two great items. Clears all status effect and sends ore off with a large upgrade"


The Azure Spore is a Reborn Fusion-tier item for Miner's Haven, released in 03/08/2017. Its image was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter.

Like the Wild Spore, its upgrade multiplier and cap varies based on ore value. For the first upgrade, the ore's value is divided by 5k, and the remainder is added to the ore value, then it is multiplied by 10x. The second upgrade and beyond divides the ore's value by 50k then adds the remainder. This does mean that as the ore's value gets higher, the upgrades will have less and less of an effect until it makes either a very small or no difference at all.

The Azure Spore is unable to stack with both its Reborn and Evolved Reborn predecessors; the Wild Spore, Azure Refiner, and Deadly Spore.

As there is technically no upgrade cap, the upgrader simply blinks to a darker shade of blue instead of dull grey/black after the first upgrade.

Compared to the Wild Spore, the Azure Spore divides an ore's value with a bigger value, allowing for larger amounts of cash to be added to the ore's value. It also has a 10x multiplier instead of a 2x multiplier.


The reason why the upgrader part isn't a rectangle and is rotated is to show influence from the Wild Spore, like with the rest of the upgrader due to the Azure Refiner having a basic design. That's why there are grass parts and mushrooms on the upgrader but there are fewer crystals on the Azure Spore compared to the Azure Refiner.


  • The word "purest" in the description is misspelled as "puriest".
  • The conveyor is slightly shorter than it should be, making a tiny gap between conveyors (the upgrader's conveyor and the conveyor in front of the upgrader).
  • Using Deadly Spore + Azure Refiner allows the user to reach the same multiplier as the Azure Spore.