In early 2016, Berezaa was busy making Miner's Haven Xbox one compatible, it took a long time because Berezaa claims that the way he originally coded Miner's Haven was not that good. After a lack of new content in Miner's Haven for a while, he finally adds new items in the Month of April 2016.

April 7th 2016

The reborn dropper Atomium Mine was released and started a mini-hype for users as it had a higher droprate and orevalue than the Newtonium Mine, the 2nd most powerful dropper in Miner's Haven that many players had access to and had been using for many months at that point. Spring exotic have also been added including The Beehive and Ore Tixicator to commemorative the ROBLOX currency Tix which was removed the month prior upsetting the majority of the ROBLOX community. This was also the update where The Black Market made its first appearance underwater, suspected to be a place where users could buy items that used to be in the recently removed RP shop, this was not the case and was removed a few weeks afterward.

April 14th 2016

An update was released on this day but the changes were forgotten. We are unsure of the date that Berezaa added Mystery Boxes saving and free unboxings.

April 21st 2016

New Reborn items were added including Clockwork, Eternal Journey, and more! This was also the update where Berezaa added the Magnificent Box said his tweet here, a box filled with mostly vintage and exotic tier items that has a small chance of appearing when unboxing an unreal box. Berezaa also announced that players would receive inferno boxes upon reaching their 1st, 4th, 49th, 99th life(s).

April 28th, 2016

New reborn items were added including the Sage Redeemer, Yunium Mine (a low life cell furnace compatible dropper which made it easier for low life players to raise enough Rebirth if they had their hands on it), Gate of Eclipse, and Solar Flare


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