"A mighty powerful furnace which processes ores at a huge rate. Puts up a barrier between ores to recharge." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)

"A mighty powerful furnace which processes ores at x90. Puts up a barrier between ores to recharge." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Aether Refinery is a Reborn-tier furnace that processes ores at x300 their value. However, its blue barrier becomes red for 5 seconds, blocking off incoming ore. After 5 seconds, its barrier will become blue again, signalling that it can process ores again. If an ore has been upgraded by an Aether Schrodinger at least once, the x300 process multiplier is bumped up to x500.

On 04/14/2018, the name was changed from Aether Refiner to Aether Refinery. The multiplier was also increased from x90 to x300, and received a unique attribute linked to the Aether Schrodinger.

The furnace said it can only process one ore then erect a barrier but still, ore that got blocked out will be processed, even if there's like >50 ores blocked out, they'll get refined all at once the barrier is gone.


  • The Aether Refinery has similar colors to Freon Upgraders (Freon-Blast Upgrader, Freon Suppressor, Freon Sprayer) even though they have no relationship whatsoever.
  • This item is obtained at Life 50+, the same with Atomium Mine.
    • Even though it is obtainable at Life 50+, the Aether Refinery has the same rarity as a Dragon Blaster.
  • The barrier after processing ore is solid, and can be stood on.
  • This item combined with a Freon Sprayer (to save burning ores) is, in terms of space usage and ore value multiplier, a straight upgrade to the Sword Master's Spirit.
  • This is the second furnace to not accept ore when another ore is being processed, the first being the Eternal Journey.
  • This can be considered better than the Sakura Garden because it has a lower life requirement and potentially higher multiplier than sakura when used many times.
  • Even if the barrier is set up, the dimmed furnace part still processes ores (tested with ancient magic).
  • This furnace ignores the bug-fix of furnaces not being able to process negative value ores.