"An upgrader to celebrate 100 million visits. Check social media for a code to get this for free."


The 100M Upgrader is a Collectible-tier wide upgrader added for the celebration of 100M+ visits to Miner's Haven. This upgrader was available from the code "100mil" or for 100 uC in the shop.

It simply doubles the ore value. It is also relatively compact for its multiplier, being 3 units wider than a Basic Conveyor.


  • This item is the only non-Ultimate upgrader with a 3-unit wide conveyor.
  • Since this item was not Sacrifice Proof until removed from the shop, berezaa released a code "100milagain?" which gave you this upgrader following complaints that people lost it to sacrifice.
    • This code is now expired.
  • Compared to other upgraders that multiply ore value by x2, this one is relatively small.